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Surround yourself with great people. This may sound like an overused sound bite, but there is nothing more important to building a great company than hiring great people. This should be in the forefront of your mind when hiring managers, associates, directors for your Board, advisors, and service providers.

In addition, you need to make an honest assessment of yourself to determine what you are best at. Are you right for the CEO job, or are you better off hiring a professional CEO and contributing more in a CTO or operations role?

Another key factor to consider when building a team is ethics. We have gone through a historic period of corporate greed and scandal. This has lead to investor concern and increased regulation and legislation. As a small start-up company, you can not afford to have your integrity harmed by such problems. Bring in good people with solid ethics and LEAD BY EXAMPLE.


The quick and easiest way to find people for your business is to use a retained search firm. The main problem with this is that they are expensive (with fees sometimes running anywhere between 30% to 50% of the candidates first year's salary). Since you're operating as a start-up, you need to conserve cash. Here is a list of some other less expensive ways to find prospective hires:

A. Internet posting sites:

B. Professional societies: Many professional societies, like the American Society For Mechanical Engineers (ASME), maintain a list of resumes of members looking for jobs. Here are some other sites:

American Institute Of Chemical Engineers
American Society Of Civil Engineers
Institute Of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
International Society For Optical Engineering
Financial Executive Institute

C. Career placement offices at colleges and universities

D. Services Firms like your accounting auditors and/or legal firms will have resumes given to them by former clients who are looking for new jobs. It is always a good idea to periodically check in with the partners in these firms to check over the resumes they have.