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Main Characteristics of a Business Plan
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One of the cornerstones of your company's revenue plan is your estimation of the Total Available Market (TAM) size and more specific to your company, the Served Available Market (SAM).

Here, you''ll need to define market size and growth, and the key factors driving growth in your particular market segment. Given the difficult nature of sizing a market, it is best to base your numbers on professional market studies (i.e. for high-tech, use studies from companies such as Gardner group, Infotech, etc). In addition, the research arms of brokerage houses have numerous reports on different industries. These reports provide good market size numbers and strategic analysis of what drives those numbers. These brokerage houses, in most cases, will be happy to share this info with students. You don't want you audience questioning the integrity of your market assumptions. The more you use professional reports in your numbers, the less likely your TAM/SAM numbers will be questioned.

Your next step will be to estimate the market share you intend to capture in your market segment. Describe the value proposition of your product(s) and why customers would choose your product of that of your competitors. Discuss how you feel your competitors will react to your product and how you intend to combat their reaction.