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Balance Sheet - Presentation Format
Updated: 11/21/2003

Format: MS Excel

This Balance Sheet is designed for use at presentations where you are explaining your financial forecasts and results to the Boad Of Directors, Investors or Senior Management. There are four columns: 1 for actual results, one for plan results, one for the variance, and one to explain the variances. Software Notes: 1)Input your financial data into the blue highlighted cells. The black highlighted cells are calculated cells. We have protected these cells so you cannot inadvertently change a formula. If you do which to change a formula or cell format in order to customize this spreadsheet to your business, simply click off the cell protection feature of your EXCEL software. Once saved, any changes you make to the program will be final. 2)This P&L spreadsheet has four main columns. In the first column, enter the actual financial results for the financial period you are reporting. In the second column, enter the plan or budget numbers that you committed to for that period. Column 3 will automatically calculate the variance. In column 4, you can input your explanation for the variance of each line item.

Software Notes: