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Option Vesting Schedule
Updated: 11/21/2003

Format: MS Excel

This program allows you to organize all of your employee options information in a format that allows you make critical compensation decisions, manage the exercise, vesting, and grants of options, and prepare your data for FAS123 reporting. The program is set up for options that invest quarterly over 4 years. In program is set up to accommodate option information for up to 15 board members, 1 CEO and up to 15 Senior Staff members, up to 30 managers (or other senior employees), and up to 60 remaining employees (not included in the other 4 categories). Software Notes: 1) Spreadsheet 1 summarizes all the option vesting, grant/exercise activity by employee group. There is no need for you to enter any data onto this spreadsheet; all numbers are calculated the other 3 spreadsheets. The option information 2) Spreadsheet 2 is where you'll enter the option information for each of your employees and board members (remember, as in all our spreadsheets, a blue font cell requires you to enter information, the black font cells are calculated cells and should not be changed). On this spreadsheet, you'll maintain each option holder's name, title, option grants, vest start dates, strike prices, and option exercises and cancellations. Note on Spreadsheet Terminology: "Straight % Vested" is the % shares vested based on a calculation subtracting the original grant date from "today's date"; then that difference is divided by 48 months (four year vesting). The column entitled "Actual Vested Shares" adjusts the number in "Straight % Vested" for querterly vesting periods. 3) Spreadsheet 3 is the calculation worksheet where all your data is processed to calculate among other things, the amount of shares vested and the weighted avg exercise price for options granted, exercised, and cancelled (needed for FAS123). On this worksheet you are only required to enter two inputs: in the upper left hand corner, enter the current price/value for a share of your stock, and enter the date for which you are running the report (needed for calculating vesting). Also, if there is any acceleration for an individual's options, enter a "1" in the column entitled "A" (column H). 4) Spreadsheet 4 is your log for any options that are granted, exercised or cancelled for an individual for a quarterly period. You will need to fill this out in addition to the data you inputted on Schedule 2. Once the information is inputted, Spreadsheet 4 will calculate for you the totals and average weighted exercise prices for the options for grants, exercises, and cancellation (again, needed for FAS123).

Software Notes: