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Terms & Conditions For Sale Of Product
Updated: 11/22/2003

Format: ms word

Provides a template to structure the terms and conditions agreement for the sale of your products

Software Notes:




XYZ Company ("XYZ") and Customer (as identified on the face hereof) ("Customer"), in consideration of the mutual covenants, agreements and provisions set forth herein and hereon, hereby agree that the purchase of XYZ products ("Products") shall be subject to and in accordance with the following terms and con-ditions:


All Customer orders for Products shall be subject to these terms and conditions and, if applicable, an authorized quo-tation issued by XYZ. Such order, if accepted by XYZ, shall have significance as a reference document only. The parties hereby agree that these terms and conditions shall govern and control the relationship between XYZ and the Customer and that the terms and conditions contained herein shall supersede the terms and conditions contained in a Customer-issued order. XYZ reserves the right to refuse orders in its sole discretion, or to accept such orders on a separate contract form or to limit the types and amounts of Products ordered.


Prices for Products shall be the then current prices for such Products in effect at the time of XYZ acceptance of an order or in accordance with an authorized and valid XYZ quo-tation.

Prices are exclusive of all charges or levies of any nature including all federal, state, municipal or other govern-mental excise, sales, use, occupational or like taxes now in force or enacted in the future and, therefor, are subject to an increase in amount equal to any tax XYZ may be required to collect or pay upon the sale or delivery of Products purchased. If a certificate of exemption or similar document is required in order to exempt the sale from sales or use tax liability, Customer will obtain and furnish evidence of such exemption at time of placement of order.

All prices are subject to adjustment on account of changes in specifications, quantities, shipment arrangements, and the like or the inclusion of terms and conditions which had not been part of any valid price quotation issued by XYZ.