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ManPower and Salary Expense Planning Tool
Updated: 12/17/2003

Format: MS Excel

This program assists you in developing a 3 year manpower plan for your company. In addition, the program calculates you estimated salary expense (for each functional group) and summarizes this information by month and by quarter.

Software Notes:

Software Notes:

1) Input your financial data into the blue highlighted cells. The black highlighted cells are calculated cells. We have protected these cells so you cannot inadvertently change a formula. If you do which to change a formula or cell format in order to customize this spreadsheet to your business, simply click off the cell protection feature of your EXCEL software. Once saved, any changes you make to the program will be final.

2) First, input in the space provided above your company and the year you want this
analysis to start.

3) There are two SUMMARY pages and 4 INPUT pages. You do not need to enter any
information into the 2 SUMMARY pages as they simply summarize the data in the INPUT pages.
There are 4 INPUT pages, one for each functional group: Engineering, Sales & Marketing, General & Admin, and Operations. To complete each of these pages:

- Input into the hand column the estimated job tiltes for which you will be hiring over the next three years

- Then input the number of people you will have in each position for each month. Note: these numbers should be cumulative. For example, if you hire one salesman in June and one in July, then the headcount number for June should be 1 and should be 2 for July.

- Next input the estimated annual salary for the job position in Column P. Note: you may want to adjust the annual salary for each wage position due to cost of living increases.

- Your estimated monthly wages will now be calculated automatically at the bottom of each INPUT page.

- The only step left for you to do is to manually enter any Sign-on, Performance bonuses that you plan to give out for a given month. You can enter this data in the Row 74 (for Year 1 data); Row 92 (for Year 2 data); and Row 110 (for Year 3 data).

4) Perform thse steps in ITEM 3 for each of the Functional Groups

5) Now you have a 3-Year Manpower Plan summarized by quarter and by months, with
support detail on the INPUT pages