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Employee Release - Oligations Upon Termination
Updated: 12/23/2003

Format: ms word

This legal agreement serves as notification to an employee of his obligations upon his release from your company.

Software Notes:



Certain legal obligations have been undertaken by you as an employee of ABC Company, Inc. (“ABC”). Your Employment Agreement with ABC imposes responsibilities on you that will survive your term of employment with ABC.

During your term of employment, you were exposed to confidential information and data, trade secrets, proprietary information, customer information and customer-related materials and know-how, all of which are unique, owned by and valuable to ABC. You also may have been exposed to proprietary information of ABC customers that ABC is obligated to hold in confidence. Your ABC Employment Agreement requires that you must not, either during or after your employment with ABC, use such information for the benefit of anyone other than ABC or disclose such information to anyone other than ABC without the express written consent of ABC.

Your Employment Agreement also contains a number of other post-employment obligations. You are required, among other things,
• To return to ABC all ABC documents and data in your possession,
• To assign for a period of one year after your employment all inventions made by you in the field in which you were working while at ABC,
• To refrain for a period of one year from entering the employ of any company or firm that competes with ABC in the area in which you were employed by ABC, and
• To avoid interference with the business of ABC by enticing other ABC employees to leave the employ of ABC.