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Company IT Policy
Updated: 12/23/2003

Format: ms word

INTENT: It is the intent of this policy to establish guidelines for the employees using the Company’s computing facilities, including computer hardware, printers, fax machines, voice-mail, software, e-mail, and Internet and intranet access, collectively called “Information Technology”.

Software Notes:


All employees share the Information Technology facilities at [Company Name]. These facilities are provided to employees for the purpose of conducting Company business. The Company does permit a limited amount of personal use of these facilities, including computers, printers, e-mail and Internet access. However, these facilities must be used responsibly by everyone, since misuse by even a few individuals has the potential to negatively impact productivity, disrupt company business and interfere with the work or rights of others. Therefore, all employees are expected to exercise responsible and ethical behavior when using the Company’s Information Technology facilities. Any action that may expose the Company to risks of unauthorized access to data, disclosure of information, legal liability, or potential system failure is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and/or criminal prosecution.
The following topics are covered within this policy and referred policies:
• General Information Technology Usage Policies Policy # ____
• Software Licensing Policy Policy # ____
• E-mail Usage Policy Policy # ____
• Internet and Intranet Usage Policy Policy # ____


The use of the Company's information technology facilities in connection with company business and limited personal use is a privilege but not a right, extended to various Company employees. Users of [Company Name]'s computing facilities are required to comply with all policies referred to in this document.
Users also agree to comply with applicable country, federal, state, and local laws and to refrain from engaging in any activity that would subject the company to any liability. [Company Name] reserves the right to amend these policies and practices at any time without prior notice and to take such further actions as may be necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable federal, state/province, and local laws.
To protect the integrity of [Company Name]'s computing facilities and its users against unauthorized or improper use of those facilities, and to investigate possible use of those facilities in violation of Company rules and policies, [Company Name] reserves the right, without notice, to limit or restrict any individual's use, and to inspect, copy, remove, or otherwise alter any data, file, or system resource which may undermine the authorized use of any computing facility or which is used in violation of Company rules or policies. [Company Name] also reserves the right periodically to examine any system and other usage and authorization history as necessary to protect its computing facilities.
[Company Name] disclaims any responsibility for loss of data or interference with files resulting from its efforts to maintain the privacy and security of those computing facilities or from system malfunction or any other cause.


This policy applies to all [Company Name] employees worldwide and to all employees of [Company Name]’s subsidiaries and affiliated companies. It is the responsibility of all operating units to ensure that these policies are clearly communicated, understood and followed.
These policies also apply to software contractors, and vendors/suppliers providing services to [Company Name] that bring them into contact with [Company Name]’s Information Technology infrastructure. The [Company Name] employee who contracts for these services is responsible to provide the contractor/vendor/supplier with a copy of these policies before any access is given.
These policies cover the usage of all of the Company’s Information Technology and communication resources, including, but not limited to:
• All computer-related equipment, including desktop personal computers (PCs), portable PCs, terminals, workstations, PDAs, wireless computing devices, telecomm equipment, networks, databases, printers, servers and shared computers, and all networks and hardware to which this equipment is connected
• All electronic communications equipment, including telephones, pagers, radio communicators, voice-mail, e-mail, fax machines, PDAs, wired or wireless communications devices and services, Internet and intranet and other on-line services
• All software including purchased or licensed business software applications, Company-written applications, employee or vendor/supplier-written applications, computer operating systems, firmware, and any other software residing on Company-owned equipment
• All intellectual property and other data stored on Company equipment
• All of the above are included whether they are owned or leased by the company or are under the company's possession, custody, or control
• These policies also apply to all users, whether on Company property, connected from remote via any networked connection, or using Company equipment