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Document Retention Log - Document Control Policy
Updated: 06/14/2004

Format: MS Excel

A document control policy is a critical part of every company's business strategy. This spreadsheet provides you with a comprehensive log for managing and controlling all critical documentation within your company. Please remember a comprehensive document control policy must include inputs from your legal counsel, Board of Directors and financial auditors. The time periods suggested in our log for retention and destruction of your documents are just that, suggestions. It is recommended that you consistently work with the members of your management team to customize this log to the needs and requirements of your company. This document is linked to our QUALITY SYSTEMS MANUAL (now being offered on our site) and can be part of your ISO9000 efforts.

Software Notes:

Software Notes:


Input your financial data into the blue highlighted cells. The black highlighted cells arecalculated cells. We have protected these cells so you cannot inadvertently change
a formula. If you do which to change a formula or cell format in order to customize
this spreadsheet to your business, simply click off the cell protection feature of your
EXCEL software. Once saved, any changes you make to the program will be final.

2)There are seven major columns in this log:
- 1) Section Name(i.e. "V" - Tax Records)
- 2) Item letter (i.e. A. Depreciation Schedules)
- 3) Description of Item Name
- 4) Retetion Code indicating how long documents should be retained (i.e. Code AT+4 means documents should be retained for "4 years After Termination" of employee). As
mentioned above, the codes we have inputted here are suggestions only. You will
need to update these for the retention periods as set for by your company management.
- 5) Owner Of Document (i.e. CFO, General Counsel). Input name here.
- 6) Primary Storage Location (i.e. Office of CFO) Input location here
- 7) Secondary Storgae Location (i.e. Storage Company X). Input location here.

3)It is recommended that you review and update this document annually.