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Document Control Policy For ISO9000
Updated: 07/28/2004

Format: ms word

PURPOSE: This document describes how new documents and records are controlled. SCOPE: Documents describing the Quality Systems Manual (QMS), products, manufacturing processes, tests, inspections and qualifications are controlled per this document. Unreleased products, and their documentation are not addressed in this procedure. Document issue, change initiation, change control, and control of records are addressed in this document, and is compliant with ISO9001: 2000, sections 4.2.3 and 4.2.4. Note: This policy does not cover corporate documents such as financial statements, corporate governace, etc. Those documents are covered by our Corporate Document Control Policy and Document Control Log (these can be purchased as a kit on our web-site)

Software Notes:

Software Notes:


This manual was developed by Bernd R Guggolz, a certified Internal Auditor with over 23 years of technical management experience. Bernd’s experience includes:

• Developing, implementing, and maintaining ISO9001, military & space level Quality Management Systems
• Selecting registrars, attaining ISO Registration and upgrades without findings, and working with DSCC, government auditors and source inspectors.

If you have any questions on these instructions or any questions on the Quality Manual itself, please call Bernd directly at (508) 757-1227 or email him at


This CONTROL OF DOCUMENTS AND CHANGE (ISO9001 Compliant) includes the following:

- a six page policy document including: purpose, scope, forms and records, electronic documentation, documents changes, responsibility and procedure, record upkeep, and record disposal

- a one page Engineering Change Order (ECO) Log

- a one page Engineering Change Order request form

- a one page Document Release & Change Training Record