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Venture Capital Pitch kit
Updated: 09/07/2004

Format: ms word

Creating an investment pitch that gets the notice of investors and VCs is one of the toughest challenges an entrepreneur faces. We have put together a kit that will assist you in creating a presentation that effectively describes your business, organizes your financials, and helps you understand some of the terms and requirements for securing funding for your business. The kit will be downloaded to you as a ZIP file. When you open the file, you will have 6 tools: 1.TIPS ON MAKING YOUR PITCH TO INVESTORS. 2. DEFINITIONS OF KEY VENTURE CAPITAL TERMS. 3. VENTURE CAPITAL: RATE OF RETURN ASSUMPTIONS. 4. 3 YEAR FINANCIAL PLAN MODEL. 5.REVENUE FORECAST BUILDER. 6. VC FUNDING ANALYSIS

Software Notes:

The purpose of this kit is two-fold:

• to assist you in preparing a successful presentation (“pitch”) to potential investors and venture capital firms;
• to provide you with tips and advice on securing funding for your company.

To that end, this kit provides you with 6 tools:

1. TIPS ON MAKING YOUR PITCH TO INVESTORS: a 5 page outline with recommendations on how to pitch your business plan to investors and venture capital firms.

2. DEFINITIONS OF KEY VENTURE CAPITAL TERMS: easy to understand definitions for more than 25 key terms used in an investment round.

3. VENTURE CAPITAL: RATE OF RETURN ASSUMPTIONS: easy to understand chart outlining the investment return assumptions of potential investors. This helps you understand how their expectations will impact the valuation you get in your funding round.

4. 3 YEAR FINANCIAL PLAN MODEL: This program (excel spreadsheet) allows you to build a 3 year financial plan for your presentation. The program integrates your P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. All you need to do is input your P&L information, select Balance Sheet items, along with 5 additional items.

5. Revenue Forecast: This program (excel file) that allows you to build up a 3 year revenue forecast for your company based on your estimated end-market size and your anticipated market share. The program allows for up to 5 products; 3 applications per product; and 5 customers per application. Each Product has its own spreadsheet. Simply enter in the data for that product and it will be added automatically to the SUMMARY page. See product description for a detailed explanation of this product.

6. VC Funding Analysis Tool: When entering negotiations in a funding round, you are forced to come to quick understanding of the effects that certain terms and conditions on your term sheet will have on the value of your company stock. This program allows you to model those different funding scenarios for your company. This spreadsheet incorporates investor funding, conversion rights, accrued dividends, and liquidation preferences to calculate a $ Value for a fully diluted share of common stock.


About the author:

This kit was created by John Kokulis, our company president, who has over 20+ years of finance experience in the high-tech industry. John has served as the CFO for both public and private companies and has most recently served a consultant to small businesses looking to raise capital.