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Corporate IT Software Licensing Policy
Updated: 09/24/2004

Format: ms word

INTENT: It is the intent of this policy to ensure that only licensed and authorized copies of software are used on Company equipment and property, and in conducting any Company business.

Software Notes:


The computer systems are provided to assist employees in the performance of their job and should be used for official [Company Name] business only. (Refer to General Information Technology Usage Policy # _______.) It is the policy of [Company Name] to use only authorized licensed copies of software on the computer systems. The use of unauthorized or unlicensed software is illegal and strictly prohibited. The unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted software is illegal. Additionally, the loading of unlicensed software is the primary cause of computer viruses, which causes interruptions to work and productivity throughout the Company. Disregard for these computer policies may result in disciplinary action, up to and including criminal prosecution and/or termination of employment.


All employees share the Information Technology facilities at [Company Name]. These facilities are provided to employees for the purpose of conducting Company business. The Company does permit a limited amount of personal use of these facilities, including computers, printers, e-mail and Internet access. However, these facilities must be used responsibly by everyone, since misuse by even a few individuals has the potential to negatively impact productivity, disrupt company business and interfere with the work or rights of others. Therefore, all employees are expected to exercise responsible and ethical behavior when using the Company’s Information Technology facilities. Any action that may expose the Company to risks of unauthorized access to data, disclosure of information, legal liability, or potential system failure is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and/or criminal prosecution.