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Annual Capital Plan
Updated: 11/21/2003

Format: MS Excel

This worksheet allows you to plan your capital budget for a specific fiscal year. It allows you to track the total amount of projects requested by each department and, simultaneously, the capital projects approved by management.

Software Notes:

Software Notes:

1) Input your financial data into the blue highlighted cells. The black highlighted cells are
calculated cells. Caution: any changes you make to a format or a calculated cell will
become final once you re-save the file.

2) Input the project name, department requesting the project, and type of project:
C=Cost Savings Q=Quality E = Capacity Expansion R=Replacement V=Environmental N = New Equipment
G = Regulatory Compliance

Input the amount for all requested projects in the blue highlighted cells

3) Input a "1" in the 1=YES column for all projects that management wants to include in the fiscal year budget.

4) All projects makred with a "1" are automatically totalled into the columns on the right-hand side of the spreadsheet.