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Capital Request Form
Updated: 11/21/2003

Format: MS Excel

This is a simple Capital Authorzation Form that you can distribute to all managers and employees within your company. The form allows the Project's owner to communicate the purposeof the project, the type of project, the cash outlays required, and the project's financial benefits. For control purposes, the form also has an Approval Signature section.

Software Notes:

Software Notes:

1) Input your financial data into the blue highlighted cells. The black highlighted cells are calculated cells. Caution: any changes you make to a format or a calculated cell will become final once you re-save the file.

2) Before you distribute to your company, you will need to customize the form for your
company's policies and procedures. Here's what you need to do (in the blue font cells):
1) Input your company name above
2) On the form, in the APPROVAL SIGNATURE section, you need to input the sign-off authority levels for the Group VP, CEO, and Board Of Directors.. We have assumed that the Controller and CFO will be signing off on all projects. If this is inconsistant with your company policy, then you will need to change those two items as well.

3) On the form, in the PROJECT INFORMATION section, we note in the PROJECT
NUMBER line that the project owner can get a project number from the finance and accounting group. If this is inconsistent with your operating procedure, or if you want to input a specific name there, you to change this item.

4) On the form, in the PROJECT INFORMATION section, we note in the PURCHASING DEPT. line that the Purchasing Dept needs to review and sign-off on all projects
over $5,000. If your amount limit is different, you will need to change that.