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Travel & Expense Report
Updated: 11/21/2003

Format: MS Excel

This spreadsheet is a standard Travel and Expense report. The form allows for one full week's worth of activity and has a special page for tracking use of personal car use. There is also room to import your company's Travel policy.

Software Notes:

Software Notes:

1) Input your financial data into the blue highlighted cells. The black highlighted cells are calculated cells. Caution: any changes you make to a format or a calculated cell will become final once you re-save the file.

2) The program is simple to use. The employees simply inputs their personal information (name, dept#) and then inputs the expenses they incurred during the days of the week. If they used their car as part of their, they can use the PERSONAL CARE USE worksheet
to calculate their car expense. Note: the calculated expense is automatically transferred
over to the main T&E Report and summed on the PERSONAL CAR USE expense line.

2) Recommended method for implementing this Report into your company:

Step 1: Tab 4 is a blank worksheet available for you to include your travel policy. Simply, "cut and paste" you travel policy onto this spreadsheet. That way users of this report will have easy access to your policy should they have any questions.

Step 2: Input your company name onto the top of each page (currently occupied by "XYZ Company, Inc.").

Step 3: Once you are familiar with these notes, delete this OVERVIEW worksheet. You'll have three tabs remaining: T&E REPORT, PERSONAL CAR USE, TRAVEL POLICY.

Step 4: Email this program to all your employees and ask that all future T&E reports be submitted using this program.

Step 5: Employees enter in their data. Print out the report. Sign it and send it off to their manager for approval. Note: depending on your policy, they can also sign it "electronically" and email it to their manager for "electronic approval.

Step 6: It is recommended that you include a description of your approval policy in TRAVEL POLICY.