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VC Funding Analysis - Dilution/Liquidation Rights
Updated: 02/05/2004

Format: MS Excel

When entering negotiations in a funding round, you are forced to come to quick understanding of the effects that certain terms and conditions on your term sheet will have on the value of your company stock. This program allows you to model those different funding scenarios for your company. This spreadsheet incorporates investor funding, conversion rights, accrued dividends, and liquidation preferences to calculate a $ Value for a fully diluted share of common stock.

Software Notes:

Software Notes:

1) Input your financial data into the blue highlighted cells. The black highlighted cells are calculated cells. Caution: any changes you make to a format or a calculated cell will become final once you re-save the file.

2) To start, input an estimated deal value or estimated value of your company in cell "D8." Then, input the date of the deal, or today's date in cell "J8" (note: this helps calculate the accrued dividend amount).

3) Next input the information for each investor (existing and proposed). This information will include shares, price, conversion rights, liquidation preferences, etc. In cells, J33 to J42 manually enter any increase in shares that occur to ratchet provisions that may come into
effect due terms of a new financing round.