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About Our Programs

When you purchase a business tool from Constantine Ventures, you'll be getting a quality tool that is rooted in 75+ plus years of the collective experiences of the senior executives who help us develop all our our programs.

The programs are designed to meet you business needs and, most importantly, are designed to be easy to use.

Each program you download comes with an introductory cover page (see below) which provides you with detailed instructions on how to use the program

Subsequent pages on your program are designed in an easy-to-follow format. The data pages are formatted so that you are prompted to input your data into the blue highlighted cells (note: black cells are calculated cells and should not be changed). We have purposely do not cell protect the spreadsheets. This allows you the opportunity for you to customize the program to tailor it to the needs of your company. See sample below of typical data entry page:

The program's data and calculations are collected and summarized on specifc SUMMARY PAGES which you can use to analyze results and act upon what you learn. These summary pages are also organized for you to use for reporting to management, investors, and your board of director. They are also formatted for using the data and reporting schedules for compliance and auditing purposes (see sample page below of typical summary page):

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